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Not What You’d Expect 

Text :- Ephesians 3:20 GNB “To him who by means of his power working in us is able to do so much more than we can ever ask for, or even think of:”

The Unexpected package

Have ‭‭you ever prayed and believe God for something… that came eventually but not in the form or package you were expecting? Most times in life God blesses us with things we really need not things we just want.

Peter heals a lame man at the beautiful gate

Take a look at the life of the beggar at the beautiful gate in Acts 3:1-10 GNB. On seeing Peter and John the beggar looked on them with high expectations for what he wanted of them which was money but God who’s all knowing, through the Holy Spirit ministered to the apostles what the beggar really needed which was far more valuable than money because if it were money he needed Peter would just pray and God by some divine intervention provide the money for him that’ll certainly in the long run get exhausted and he’ll return again to the temple to beg. But by the grace of God he was granted a whole new package not what he was expecting – the ability to walk again which was worth more that just change he was expecting. 

Let me use my life as an example of receiving something from God in a way that totally beats my very own expectations. 

After high school I enrolled for an examination that if you passed you’ll be given an admission to any university of your choice. So after much prayers, commitment to study and with so much expectations I sat for the exam. In the examination hall I sat besides a lad who was engaging in examination malpractice and his tools were legit, I mean, like literally the same with the examination questions. The examination hall was quite free you could do whatever you want and this lad offered to be of assistance to me by sharing his malpractice tools with me    (you could imagine the very tempting scenery) of which I bluntly refused saying to myself “I am a child of God, why would I an accomplice to cheating?” After the examination I waited patiently for the result in faith and with high expectations. The result finally came – oh boy, it was nothing near my expectation I was way way lower than the expected cut-off mark that’d have qualified me for the university of my choice. In fact I lost faith, hope and my life was like a totally trainwreck. I began to doubt the existence of God, I’ll be so angry during prayers, devotions and I’m like I’m I even doing here God’s not real, He doesn’t answer prayers I’m just wasting time here. See the lad who cheated he must have passed splendidly nobody cares how you did it they just wanna see the results. Well, I came to be and I confessed and repented of all the hate and believed God was working in ways I couldn’t see. All this time of having hate for God, denial and regrets I didn’t know God was preparing a whole new package for me in a completely different way not what I’d have expected. That same year I got info about a federal scholarship to study abroad and I applied. I reluctantly went for the examination and I passed, went for an interview – passed, went for medical and other procedures I passed splendidly. Everything was just going smoothly. I studied marine engineering at the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport. Today I’m a marine engineer STCW ’78 certified. Now my unexpected package was this, God so elevated me amongst my peers and those who saw me as a failure. He took me to a height they never imagined to attain. If I had cheated and definitely would have passed that examination I’d have missed out on God’s perfect plans for my life. I’d be happy leaving the good life but not the God-life. It didn’t come the way or at the time I expected. 

God doesn’t always do things as we expect Him to. Though we don’t have to look for odd ways to serve Him, He sometimes uses unusual and peculiar methods to do His works. He uses various ways to guide us and confirm His directions for our lives. 

I pray that God guide us into the right occupation, opportunities and relationships as we live our everyday lives in Jesus name. Amen!


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