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Have you ever heard the saying that you can know something by knowing what it is not? This is the elimination method of inquiry.Presumably you have heard about the trial and error way of doing things! 

This is based on pure chance called probability!
PURPOSE in a sense doesn’t work by elimination or probability. 

Purpose is an essence, a reason, a cause for something, the quiddity of existence. It is what drives you, what motivates you and the very core basis of your life. 

Life is too short to be spent trying to ply different routes in search of the best, it is very short to live without purpose. 

…”If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, every wind is the right wind”… 

Living without purpose is like sailing without a compass, two things are like to happen : first you will never get to your destination and secondly you will arrive at a place you never intended.

The most important aspect of purpose is this: Nobody can attain purpose without God. In the discovery of God you get to understand that ever thing revolves around Him. 

Your passion, talents, skills, intellect, race, status, exposure, experience, aptitude, likes, dislikes are carefully selected by God which he intends them to fit into his eternal plan for one lives. 

One may live a hundred years and die with fame, yet he didn’t fulfil purpose because he mistook career for purpose. 

What you love doing is not purpose per say but they lead you to the path of discovering the essential. 

How to find your purpose

                THE HOW OF PURPOSE

A Major question on purpose is usually How do I discover purpose? In totality, no one is able to know everything about his purpose, rather you can be in a path that either leads you there or not. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. 

God guides our path to his will for our lives.

1. if you want to discover purpose, do the right thing. Doing the wrong thing in most cases takes us away from what we are to do. For instance, how can you develop passion for healthcare without taking your health classes serious? With the discovery of purpose comes a conscientious decision to do what’s right no matter the situation. 

2. Channel your passion, talent and skills to the right thing. This will eventually take you to the purpose. Only people who are busy can discover purpose. 

3. The secret purpose lies in your daily agenda. Purpose is never futuristic, it is in the now? What you do now must have a link with how ur future will be. 

Live the future you envision today. Don’t wait for that future, act it today. 

4. Dedicate yourself and your resources to a cause of service for humanity. This is very important, first we are meant to serve God and then serve men. If what you are is just borne out of selfishness then you are yet to discover purpose. Your purpose must serve your creator and the needs of men. 

5. Walk with God and stay focused. 
See you at the top 
– co-published with permission from a good friend of mine “PLUTO“. 

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